Who We Are

The Berkeley County Historical Society is dedicated to the preservation and perpetuation of history in Berkeley County, West Virginia.  Our goals are to:

  • Develop the Belle Boyd House as a center for educational tours and social gatherings.
  • Create a repository for historical papers and materials.
  • Restore and protect the artifacts, documents, and manuscripts donated or recovered.
  • Write, research, publish, and develop architectural and genealogical materials for public access.
  • Catalog and document all artifacts and items donated or loaned to the Berkeley County Historical Society.

The Berkeley County Historical Society was founded in the late 1920’s. Citizens interested in preserving the diverse history of Berkeley County have joined together to document and preserve its treasures and significance for future generations. The society fell inactive at the start of the Great Depression and remained dormant through the hardships of World War II. The In the 1950’s, we took up the cause once more. We obtained our formal organization as a society in 1963 and have met regularly since that time.

At BCHS, we are always looking for others willing to assist the society. Use the contact form below to find out more.

Members of the Board of Directors:

Susan Crowell, Nancy Crouse, Counselo Newman, Cheryl Rodgers, Joanne Huntsberry, Gary Gimbel, Brad Snowden, Margaret LeFevre, Sally Ann Greenfield, Mary Jane Wood, Chris Cox, Cheryl Losh, Carol Appenzellar

Officers (click on the name to send a direct email):

President:  R. Todd Funkhouser

Vice President:  Don Silvius
Secretary:  Dorrene Hale
Treasurer:  Todd Johnson


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